Project Solution Partners are unique in that we provide 'Financing & Investment In & Construction/Development' of Projects, as a One Stop solution. There are no set criteria's for engagement and neither sector or location specific, instead we engage in dialogue in the first instance and move forward from there. 

Our Consortium of Partners consist of some of the world's largest and top Public/Private companies comprising of Banks/Financial & Investment Institutions through to major Construction/Contracting companies for Collaboration/JV, etc..  

With expertise across most sectors such as Infrastructure, Power, Commercial/Residential Developments, Renewable Energy, etc.., we are constantly seeking new opportunities. 

We also partner with Financing/Investment Institutions as Project Solution Partners for Projects seeking just Development Partners, as well as being open to Investment only opportunities.

All enquiries/proposals welcomed please always call in the first instance.

 Project Types

  • Government Backed
  • PPP
  • Tenders
  • Contract Types - EPC, PPP, O & M, BOT, BOOT, etc.
  • Collaborations
  • JV's

 Renewable Energy - Solar PV 

  • Supply of Solar PV Equipment direct from Manufacturers.
  • Complete Service/Solution from Design to completion, and everything in-between.
  • Financing/Investment for Projects


  • Power 
  • Mining
  • Cement/Steel Mills
  • Infrastructure Development Projects - Bridges, Railways, Highways, Airports, etc..
  • Wind Turbines
  • HPP - Hydro Power Plant
  • Solar/PV Farms
  • Buildings
  • Highways/Roads
  • Bridges
  • Airport
  • Pipes
  • Water Treatment
  • Commercial/Residential Developments
  • Oil Exploration & Development
  • Refinery & PetroChemical Plants

 Investment in Government Projects

  • We work with Governments around the world on Government backed projects.
  • Our Consortium of Partners are much sought after by Governments to Invest in their country.

 Real Estate 

  • Construction/Development - From Private Residential to Commercial Developments.
  • Funding for 85% of the project for Goods & Services, with 15% from the Project Owner.

 Export Credit Guarantee Scheme

  • For Goods & Services from Europe.
  • Loan from Bank 
  • Backed by Government Guarantee
  • Up to Maximum Eur40m