Catalyst - Business Partners for Success

We have been in business long enough to know that 'One Size Does Not Fit All' therefore we provide services to suit all from start Up's to Multi National's.

We welcome your call to discuss and engage.

Option 1 - Remote Advisory/Support Service

  • Fixed Low Cost Retainer 
  • Easy Opt In/Opt Out - Minimum 1 week 
  • 'Fair Usage Policy' applies
  • To maximise on Time/Costs we encourage remote communication
  • This is Fast & Efficient providing immediate solutions to immediate problems

Option 2 - Budget Service

  • Simply - Set your own Budget for Brief/Objective
  • We work together to achieve the Brief/Objective within Budget

 Option 3 - Consultancy Service

  • Case by Case basis.

 Examples of Service Provided

  • Unemployed with a Business Idea - Developed into Business Model.
  • Made Redundant - Turned experience into a Business.
  • Business Development -Find new Business at Home & Internationally.
  • Tight schedule to complete work - working through the night to complete.
  • Interim Executive - Parachute in for specific Assignment/Tasks.

Fast Track to Business Success! 

  • Interactive/Proactive Workshop
  • Objective of Workshop - Provide Solutions & Drive Revenue 
  • Workshops are tailored for groups of individuals to organisations