International Business Consultancy has always been at the core of our business and continues to this day, with resources and expertise in specialist areas/sectors coming from our global partners.  

Partnerships, Clients and Team working in harmony in achieving success and positive outcomes. 

With a Network of Global Partners we provide solutions for most type of business, and a practice that has grown mainly through referrals.

We are not money orientated, and always pleased to provide help and advice where we feel appropriate at no cost; therefore please feel welcomed to call.

Working with Professionals 

  • Partnership with Accountants, Lawyers, Professionals in supporting their clients.

Examples of Services

  • Business Recovery/Turnaround/Troubleshooting
  • Broker - Investment/Financing/Development/Construction of Projects - Infrastructure/Energy/Power, Renewable Energy are just a few of the examples
  •  Sales & Marketing
  •  International Business Development    
  • 6th Sense Creative Faculty - Creating Ideas/Concepts, etc. for Corporates


Interim Executives

  • All the experience of an business/industry specialist
  • Agree upfront - Brief and Fixed Cost/Budget
  • Effective in filling the gap of an industry specialist, taking the business to the next level. 

Business Re-Engineering 

  • Thorough & Complete Review of Business
  • Objective/Outcome - Increase Efficiency & Profitability 


 International Business Development

  • For Goods/Services 
  • Entering new Markets
  • Outsourcing - Manufacturing/Production, etc.